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Tips for personal ads

When using personal ads sites, try to remain patient. Many people don't check for replies or login to check for new personals more than once a week. (Some may take even longer.) Some personals may be setup and totally forgotten. If you don't get an response after you reply to an ad, don't get discouraged. Give it some time before you give up on that person. Just remember to check for replies to your personal ads at least once per week.

Don't be afraid to reply to many personals. You stand a better chance of getting a quicker answer from someone, if you reply to at least 3 personals. If one or more of those don't work out, or you never get a reply, keep trying. Find more ads that interest you and answer them, too.

When placing your ad, place it at several personals sites. Some sites will have better coverage of your area than others. Posting at least 3 free ads is a good number to start with. If you don't get many responses after a week or two, you can always post more.

If you don't get many replies to your personal ads, or answers to your replies, don't take it personally. Uploading a photo to go with your ad really helps with getting replies. Also, after you have written replies to a few personal ads, you will get better at it. Don't give up, a little effort on your part can really pay off.

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