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Dating Ideas for Any Budget

You don’t have to be independently wealthy to plan an exciting and creative date. Although there are limitless amounts of dating ideas, we have selected a few for any budget.

Dates on a Budget:

1) Go to a matinee and bring a picnic lunch for afterwards.

2) Go to your local farmers market. Buy your date fresh flowers.

3) Spend the day at the beach or lake.

4) Attend an outdoor concert.

5) Walk around local shops and then get ice cream.

6) Go to local museums or art galleries then out for coffee

7) Attend local expos or conventions

8) Go to a large bookstore, browse the books and then get coffee/pastry at their café

9) Buy goodies at a local bakery and find a fountain to sit and eat. Afterwards use your change to make wishes at the fountain. See who can come up with the most creative wishes.

10) Buy a disposable camera and go to local parks/gardens. After you finish the film go to an hour development store and share the pictures.

11) Go to the zoo and get a few hotdogs at the café

12) Cook dinner together at one of your homes. Rent a movie to watch after dinner.

13) Bake a dessert together

14) Go to local flea markets or yard sales. See who can find the best deals.

15) See what events, fairs, concerts are going on down town

16) Take a bike ride

17) Go roller-blading in the park

18) Rent a boat at a lake

19) Play tennis. Winner gets to pick place for lunch.

20) Pack a picnic, go to the park and watch the sunset

21) Enroll in a one time class you both are interested in

Dates on an unlimited Budget:

1) Make reservation at a fancy restaurant.

2) Rent a limo for a few hours and ride around town.

3) Attend a play at theater.

4) Go to a professional concert.

5) Take a helicopter or hot air balloon ride.

6) Go to an amusement park.

7) Rent a convertible and drive to the beach or lake, then around town for the evening.

8) Go to a professional sports event.

9) Go shopping with your date for a dressy outfit and then go to a nice restaurant to show off your new look.

10) Make reservations on a dinner boat.

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