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Asking Someone Out

The first step to getting a date is always the hardest, but follow the tips below and youíll be a pro.

Easy Does It Ė Make a casual acquaintance first. Get to know the person a bit before you ask them out. They will be more comfortable and you may save yourself time and money.

Hi Again - Find a way to see the person again, without being too forward. If they seem interested or happy to see you again, move on to the next step. If you're not sure but are ready to find out, go for it!

Take The Plunge - Ask them out on a casual date such as coffee or lunch. Have a place, day and time in mind before you ask them. This way you are prepared and donít have to stumble when they say yes. Remember to be flexible if the day, time or place is not convenient for them.

If They Say No - Be polite. You never know when you may see them again and the timing could be right. Also they may have a friend they could introduce you to.

Donít take it personally. Some people prefer to play a dating game of sorts. They may have a rule to never say yes the first time they are asked. If youíre getting all the right signals but they say no to your first offer, try them again at a later time.

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