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Reading Body Language

Sure they say they are having a good time but what is their body saying. Here are a few body moves that speak louder than words:

She Likes You If:

- When sitting she faces or points in your direction with her foot, leg, knee or entire body.

- When standing she turns her entire body towards you or at least her feet.

- She looks at you over her shoulder that is pointed in your direction.

- She leans in towards you.

- She moves her foot in and out of her shoe.

- She exposes inside of her wrists, palms or arm to you.

- She plays with her hair, clothing or object in reaction to something you said or did. Such as paying her a complement or making eye contact with her.

- She smiles at you while you are talking or she laughs at your clever comments.

- She stands with legs slightly wider apart than usual.

- Her cheeks flush, nostrils flair and pupils dilate.

She'd Rather Be Washing Her Hair If:

- She sits/stands with arms crossed or folded.

- She crosses her legs and turns them away from you.

- She rolls her eyes when you speak.

- She leans away from you.

He Likes You If:

- He runs his hands through his hair.

- He makes lots of eye contact.

- He sits with his legs open.

- He sucks in his gut while standing.

- He moves closer to you.

- He makes excuses to touch you.

- His pupils dilate.

- He starts to move in sync with you. Such as taking a bite or drink at same time you do or reaches for an object at the same time you do.

He'd Rather Be Fishing If:

- He fidgets (plays with pen, keys, or items on table).

- He crosses or folds his arms.

- He doesn’t make eye contact when speaking to you (as if looking for the exit).

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