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Things to Avoid on a Date

By now you know all the things you should do on a date, be polite, be yourself, smile... but itís the things that we shouldnít do that are sometimes overlooked. Avoid these things and increase your chances of getting that second date.

Donít talk about past relationships. If you feel that you must, make sure you let them know that you are happy that you have moved on and are not still longing for this person. Never bash your ex for any reason.

Donít skip out on the tip. If you show respect for your server and the job they performed, your date will respect you. This doesnít mean you have to leave them 50% of the bill but a standard 15% - 20% is perfect.

Donít order more than two alcoholic drinks. Itís better not to drink at all on a first date but if you do make sure you keep the amount to two drinks. You donít want to get drunk. Itís not impressive to your date. And most importantly you shouldnít drink if you will be driving yourself and or your date home.

Donít confess feelings of love on the first date. You will appear needy and have your date looking for the exit before the second course.

Donít discuss personal problems such as family, money, or health issues. Remember this is a date not a therapy session.

Donít act desperate. You never want to admit this is the first date youíve had in years. Keep it fun and get to know each other. Never talk about your future relationship.

Donít discuss anything negative. This includes world events. Keep things light. If you arenít sure what to talk about see getting to know your date.

Donít leave your date to go talk to friends. Itís just rude. Instead if you run into buddies, introduce them to your date and then politely have them move on.

Donít offer advice if your date does talk about personal problems. Instead try to guide the conversation back to a more pleasant subject.

Donít take medication in front of your date. Yes this includes aspirin. Excuse yourself to the restroom.

Ladies, donít reapply make-up at the dinner table. Itís not cute; in fact, itís rude. Again, excuse yourself to the restroom.

Donít brag. You should be asking your date about their interests. If they ask about yours keep your responses modest.

To put it bluntly, donít be gross. Guys, avoid picking, scratching, nose blowing or adjusting in front of you date.

Finally, donít make up "facts" about yourself to appear impressive. Sooner or later the truth will come out and ruin any chances of a future with your date.

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