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Funny and Disastrous Dates

We’ve gathered some stories our readers have sent in. Check them out and maybe you’ll feel better about your next date or at least you’ll have a story you can share.

Unexpected accessory
My date and I had gotten dressed up, rented a limo for the evening and were riding around down town DC before we went to dinner at an upscale restaurant. We were having a great time talking and checking out the sites on a warm spring evening. My date opened the limo sunroof to let in the fresh air.

We were continuing to talk and laugh when all of the sudden I felt something warm hit me on the chest. I looked down to discover that as we went under an overpass, a pigeon decided to add to my evening look. I was embarrassed and not sure what to do, however, my date handled it beautifully. He asked the driver for some tissue and didn’t laugh once. That is until after I was cleaned up and laughing too. We had plenty to talk about that evening at dinner.

Marie D.
Washington D.C.

Silent Night
After my friends wore my down I agreed to go out on a blind date with a friend of a friend. He picked me up, helped me into the car and drove us to a nice restaurant in town. We had been together a total of thirty minutes and the only thing he had said to me at this point was hello.

The waiter came and brought bread and butter in a little silver bowl. At this point my date picked up the dish and said, “This butter sure is cold… ha ha.” That was the extent of our conversation that entire evening. I think he’s making a living as a Mime now.

Laurie B.

Breakdown on the Highway of Love
One of my college friends set me up on a blind date with her now bother-in-law. I had met her soon to be husband and thought he was cute and funny so I figured his brother would be too. I got ready for the date and started to drive to our arranged meeting place.

When I was almost there, my timing belt broke. I was on a country road and did not have a cell phone. So I through the car into neutral and rolled it off the road. I walked to the nearest store and called a friend to pick me up. She drove me to the meeting place and dropped me off. I didn’t know what this guy looked like so I saw who I thought was my date and approached him. I was pleased; he was handsome and had a great smile. I asked if he was Junior (yes that was his name) and much to my dismay he was not.

Finally the real junior showed up. To be polite he looked and acted nothing like his brother but I was literally stuck. So I let him take me to dinner. While there I called my roommate and begged her to come get me so this guy wouldn’t drive me home. While we were waiting for her to show up, Junior keep touching my clothing and smelling me. I felt like it was mating time at the zoo. I was extremely relieved when my roommate showed up to take me home.

Renee J.
North Carolina

Do you have a funny or disastrous date story to share? Please send it to us and we'll publish it here.

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